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         Identify the underlying causes of your pain and brainstorm strategies to reduce it

                   Process your feelings in a safe and collaborative environment

              Discern unhealthy patterns of behavior that have persisted over time

             Recast your identity and seek to find answers to existential conundrums 

        Access newfound support systems, resources, and coping tools that meet your needs


Explore dysfunctional family roles and dynamics
Establish safe and effective communication
Develop healthy boundaries that the family system agrees upon and feels comfortable with
Reinforce personal sense of responsibility and autonomy amongst family members


Create the safe space necessary for intimate partners to be vulnerable with one another
Expose raw emotions, hurts, and fractures between partners
Unveil disruptions in communication that can leave partners feeling stifled, devalued, and misunderstood
Help couples to better understand their partners love language in order to respond more sensitively to one another's "bids" for affection
Re-establish intimacy, romance, and unity between partners

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