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Holistic Healing Services to Meet your Every Need


1:1 Therapy + Coaching

  • Heal Core Wounds and Traumas—including ancestral trauma—to End the Cycle 

  • Re-Program your Subconscious to Reflect New Core Beliefs to Reshape your Life

  • Learn to Truly Love Yourself (we do so by taking a deep-dive into the shadow, reclaiming and shining a light on all parts of you: including the denied parts that bring up shame!)

  • Improve your Ability to Self-Regulate as you Move Trauma out of your Body and Mind

  • Eliminate All that is Not you—fears, insecurities, doubts, and feelings of inadequacy— to Embrace the Real You!

Couple's Therapy

  • Heal from relational fractures including but not limited to: infidelity, jealousy, volatility, and major life transitions

  • Improve your relationship through the power of somatic healing, forgiveness, and non-judgment

  • Couple's sessions include psycho-education on intimacy, interpersonal effectiveness, heart-centered communication, attachment style, and family dynamic issues

  • Explore new frontiers as you relate to your partner in deeper and more effective ways, which bring you closer, creates harmonic resonance, and allows for deeper intimacy and satisfaction in the relationship

Family Therapy

  • Heal from past or present fractures within the family dynamic or family of origin 

  • Improve your relationship within a safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental space

  • Family therapy sessions include psycho-education on trauma, safe communication, interpersonal effectiveness, and other family dynamic issues

  • Evaluate needs and provide appropriate resources, actionable assignments, etc. 

  • Family therapy sessions are customizable, based on need, and cover a range of family issues within the lineage, culture, household, etc., while personalizing treatment to fit the needs of the family members.  

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