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Mastermind Enrollment for 2024 Launch


This program is a compilation of my life's work. It will include trauma healing, psycho-education, depth psychology (Jungian Shadow Work), empowerment exercises, and group dialogue. 

Mastermind: Trauma-Healing for Divine Feminine Wisdom Seekers 

Eva Moheban, LCSW is creating & launching a Mastermind Group Trauma Healing Program for women (to launch early 2024). This group is designed to help women release trauma, heal their hearts, upgrade their beliefs, and end trauma/drama loops for good (and this is only scratching the surface).


Ideal clients are tired of being tired & READY to do the work/make significant life changes. This work is not for the faint of heart but offers a “roadmap” to your highest self and highest reality, which includes all of your hearts desires (truly satisfying relationships, true happiness, heightened creativity, and an infinite supply of self-love, empowerment, and confidence, though the list is endless). 


If you are interested, let me know by mentioning this program in an inquiry below.


With Gratitude,


Eva Moheban, LCSW & Team 

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