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In my  practice, I find that most emotional disturbances, mental health issues, and spiritual blocks  have one thing in common: Self-Love (or lack thereof).  

Self-Love is the foundational aspect of my work as an integrative therapist. I have learned that everything you could ever desire is on the other side of self-love. I want to help you dive deeper into YOU to gain mastery over yourself, forgive yourself and others, and emerge as a more integrated, self-honoring, and radiant version of yourself.

Our work together will include setting goals and intentions, finding answers to hard-hitting questions to uncover subconscious, limiting beliefs, and creating new neural pathways to help you create your desired reality. I truly believe that we create our reality and it all starts with the mind. We will reprogram the mind from thinking in lack/limitation to abundance/limitlessness. You are limitless! The biggest obstacles to living by that principle exists within one's mental constructs.   

If you are ready to do the inner-work & to create your ideal future, we can accomplish that together.  

I strive for all of my clients to see them as I witness them, from a higher vantage point devoid of judgments, distortions, and fear. This is possible as we learn new skills and put them into practice. Together, we will dismantle the ego-based distortions that stir up fears, insecurities, and trauma-responses, while replacing them with healthier mental frameworks comprised of prioritizing the self, setting boundaries, building awareness, integrating shadow aspects, incorporating self-care and self-soothing techniques, and attuning to the truth of who you are. 
My intention is to help you heal from the traumas that led to the development of the false self, in order to finally align with your Higher Self, or your higher mind. This is done  through a  process of unlearning all that is representative of the lower self, or lower mind, and building awareness and tools to master the truth beholden by your higher self.    

Everything you are searching for is within you, just waiting to be unlocked.
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