In my many years of clinical practice, helping countless women, men, children and couples, I have found that most all ailments and emotional blocks have one common denominator: SELF- LOVE

Self-Love is the foundational aspect of my work as an integrative therapist. I have learned that everything you could ever desire is on the other side of self-love. I want to help you dive deeper into YOU to gain mastery over yourself, forgive yourself and others, and emerge as a more integrated, self-honoring, and radiant version of yourself.

Our work together will include setting goals and intentions, finding answers to hard-hitting questions to uncover subconscious, limiting beliefs, and creating new neural pathways to help you create your desired reality. I truly believe that we create our reality and it all starts with the mind. We will reprogram the mind from thinking in lack/limitation to abundance/limitlessness. You are limitless! The only limitation to living by that principle exists within the mind. I truly believe that. 
If you are ready to do the inner-work & to create your ideal future, we can accomplish that together.  

I strive for all of my clients to see them as I witness them, from a higher vantage point devoid of judgments, distortions, and fear. This is possible as we learn new skills and put them into practice. Together, we will dismantle the ego-based distortions that stir up fears, insecurities, and trauma-responses, while replacing them with healthier mental frameworks comprised of prioritizing the self, setting boundaries, building awareness, integrating shadow aspects, incorporating self-care and self-soothing techniques, and attuning to the truth of who you are. 
My intention  is to help you heal from the traumas that led to the development of the false self, in order to finally align with your Higher Self, or your higher mind. This is done  through a  process of unlearning all that is representative of the lower self, or lower mind, and building awareness and tools to master the truth beholden by your higher self.    

Think of this work like a treasure hunt, where finding yourself is the reward that unlocks worlds--you are so much closer than you think.... everything you are searching for is within you.

If you resonate with my therapeutic style, I would love to talk to you! 

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Do you desire to feel more empowered and have more mastery over your life? Do you intuitively sense you are destined for more, but are plagued by fears and doubts? Are you committed to your growth, but feel stuck in low-moods or trauma spirals? It would be my honor to help you become the person who you were always destined to be, your Higher Self. In our work together, you can expect to identify destructive patterns and limiting beliefs, and enhance your degree of self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-love. I use holistic methods of healing, such as spiritual psychology, mindfulness, and trauma-informed shadow work, to name a few.


Explore dysfunctional family roles and dynamics
Establish safe and effective communication
Develop healthy boundaries that the family system agrees upon and feels comfortable with
Reinforce personal sense of responsibility and autonomy amongst family members


Create the safe space necessary for intimate partners to be vulnerable with one another
Expose raw emotions, hurts, and fractures between partners
Unveil disruptions in communication that can leave partners feeling stifled, devalued, and misunderstood
Help couples to better understand their partners love language in order to respond more sensitively to one another's "bids" for affection
Re-establish intimacy, romance, and unity between partners